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Start the new stage of a better life with water

Assess the health of drinking water

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The American population uses hard water.

Americans are drinking tap water contaminated by old drains.

Potential water contaminants not regulated by the EPA in tap water.

Freshwater resources available to humans represent all water.

*15% of the US population, according to 2019 NRDC data

Our history

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Our water filter company was founded in 2016, with the purpose of providing people with special and inexpensive equipment that is capable of improving the water in such a way that it eliminates bacteria and impurities found in the water, since then the company has gone on to sell in online stores and be recognized by its filters.


Myfilteredwater was created to bring users in the United States solutions in the water filtering system for their homes and businesses.



Reveal the new stage of a better life with water

We provide customized water purification solutions for families around the world, keeping drinking water safe and healthy to make your life comfortable and warm.


Provide tools to our clients to obtain efficient, economical and safe solutions to the needs of obtaining drinking water for consumption. Thus contributing to the well-being and quality of life of people as well as the care of the environment. Offering products of the best quality with high ethical and professional standards and always working for our clients, offering an agile, friendly, efficient and maximum security service.


To be the leading company in the water treatment industry, Manage our water supply organization offering innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers. Provide high-quality drinking water and improve people's health and well-being.

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